Our members have access to various tools:

MiniFactory 3 3D-printers

  • Supported file formats: stl, obj and 3ds
  • Max dimensions: 150x150x150 mm
  • Supported plastics: PLA, ABS, PVA, Nylon etc.
  • One of the printers is equipped with two extruders

FS Laser Hobbyist 40W -lasercutter

  • Max dimensions for cutting A3, and for engraving A4
  • Maximum cutting thicknes varies by material, plywood max. 5mm, PMMA 10mm.
  • Supported file formats: xps and bmp

Small custom CNC-router

  • Software: LinuxCNC
  • Max work area: 12x12x12 cm

Electronics tools

  • Two Weller PU 81 solder stations
  • Desoldering station
  • Tools to UV expose and etch PCBs
  • Tektronix TBS 1102 oscilloscope
  • Power sources, multimeters etc.